NOVEMBER 8, 2016
Mayor Mary Schneider called the meeting to order.
C.A.O. Leidgen conducted the roll call.  A quorum of the Commission was present.
Present: Mary Schneider, Mayor
Earl Hubbuch, Commissioner
Ben Jackson, Commissioner
Rusty Wells, Commissioner
Lois Wagner, Commissioner
Present:John Singler, City Attorney
Chris Crumpton, City Engineer
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Schneider.
Resident Joseph Fallon, of 908 Oxmoor Woods Parkway, addressed the Commission regarding future street closures in the City. Since he had prior knowledge of past closures, he offered his assistance and support if needed.
Residents Jamie Gatti, 8907 Linn Station Road, and Carrie Murphy, 705 Nottingham Parkway, addressed the Commission regarding safety concerns and requested an increase in security throughout the neighborhood. Commissioner Hubbuch explained the City’s policy and procedures regarding police protection and the amount budgeted each year. He further explained there will be an increase in patrols for the holidays. They requested that C. A. O. Jim Leidgen utilize the Reach Alert program more frequently to keep the residents informed of any issues regarding crime.
Commissioner Wells made a couple of corrections or changes to the minutes. Commissioner Hubbuch moved to approve as amended the minutes of the regular meeting of October 27, 2016. Commissioner Jackson seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.
No business items.
ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Singler
City Attorney Singler distributed changes made to the Code Enforcement Board ordinance. After a discussion about first reading of the ordinance, it was decided to postpone the reading until January 2017. At that time, the board can appoint new members or re-appoint the current ones.  In addition, a hearing officer could potentially be appointed by the board at the same time.
In addition, Mr. Singler reported the delinquent tax bills are reduced to three and he will have a written report at the next meeting.
TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Bennett
No Report.
CITY ENGINEER – Engineer Crumpton
With regards to the Hurstbourne Storm Water Advisory Committee, Engineer Crumpton explained that he is still waiting to hear from MSD and no one has been assigned to discuss implementation or detailed solutions. Since it has been more than 60 days from the last communication, Mayor Schneider stated that she would follow up with MSD and contact Tony Marconi.
Mr. Crumpton further explained that he and Commissioner Wells inspected some potential upstream retention basins. Mr. Joe Exley of MSD agreed to meet them to explore this project.
The newly constructed entrance at Hurstbourne and Linn Station now has the caps installed. The fence will be installed shortly and the landscaping will soon follow.
Street paving should begin next week.
The increased pedestrian traffic on westbound side of Nottingham from Arundel to the school crosswalk during school hours could be resolved by placement of striped bike/pedestrian lanes rather than installation of sidewalks.
C.A.O. Leidgen discussed a home on Cromwell Hill where a tent being used as a pool cover was put up without a permit.  He added that he will follow-up with the residents.
Mr. Leidgen asked that articles be forwarded to him for The Hurstbourne Herald to be published by mid-December.
Mayor Schneider reported that the Hurstbourne Area Business Association is having their meeting on Thursday, November 17 at Hurstbourne City Hall. She will be attending along with Metro Council Member Marilyn Parker, Representative Phil Moffett and Senator Julie Raque Adams.
After much discussion about Commission Meetings during the holidays, Mayor Schneider made a motion to dispense with the November 22nd and December 27th meetings. Her motion was seconded by Commissioner Hubbuch; motion carried unanimously.
PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Commissioner Wells
Commissioner Wells and Engineer Crumpton are continuing work on solutions to the storm water issues. Regarding the 2017 annual picnic, Commissioner Wells reported that decisions on the event should be made by the Commission after the election.
PUBLIC SAFETY – Commissioner Hubbuch
Commissioner Hubbuch reported the City is having difficulty finding other companies to paint the stop bars but is still working with Atlantic Construction on the current job tied to the recently completed paving project.
Commissioner Jackson asked if the packets were ready to be mailed to the residents affected by the street closures. C. A. O. Leidgen stated that they would be mailed after the election.
He added that a lease on one of the offices in the City Hall building will expire soon. After a discussion, the Commission agreed on offering a renewal of one or two year lease terms. C.A.O. Leidgen will present the options to the tenant.
Commissioner Jackson stated the City directory will begin updates the first of the year and a notice will be included in the Hurstbourne Herald.  A separate mailing of Resident survey cards will go out in January.
Due to concerns about garbage collection, Commissioner Jackson asked that C. A. O. Leidgen print a report and present it to the Rumpke representative to discuss the problem. Mr. Leidgen replied that he had already had the meeting with them, presented them with data showing a marked increase in the number of resident complaints. Rumpke agreed to work on a resolution of the matter.
No report.
Commissioner Wagner made the motion to adjourn at 6:08 p.m.  Her motion was seconded by Commissioner Hubbuch.  Motion carried unanimously.
_______________________________________ __________________________________
Mary Schneider, Mayor  James E. Leidgen, City Clerk