License and Fees


All persons operating a business within the City of Hurstbourne, including the collection of rent from real property within the City, are required to obtain a Business License regardless of running such business from a home or business location.   Annual renewal registration is required at the beginning of each calendar year. Ordinance 13-1


To obtain a Business License, please complete the Business License Registration form and submit to City Hall.  There is a minimum license fee of $75 is due with registration.  Once approved, a license will be issued that may be displayed at the place of business.


Registration and license are required for collection of rent from real property within the City.  No license will be granted for rentals less than 30 consecutive days.  Please complete the Rental License Registration form for approval.  The minimum license fee of $75 is due with registration.

Home Occupation

A home occupation license is required for the regular use of a dwelling unit by a resident living in the dwelling for the purpose of providing goods or services to the general public. Please click here to read additional information from Ordinance 07-05 – Series 2007.  The initial fee of $100 is due with the registration.  Thereafter, the annual fee is $25.

Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) License

The City of Hurstbourne regulates the sale, storage, and purchase of alcoholic beverages within City limits.  All businesses that are engaged in the sale or storage of alcoholic beverages, including distilled spirits and malt beverages are required to first obtain a license from the City.

Businesses planning to offer alcoholic beverages must obtain a licensing form from the State Alcoholic Beverage Control Office.  Once the appropriate licenses have been identified from the State form, the business must then complete the City of Hurstbourne ABC license. The City charges an annual fee based on the categories of available licenses as defined by the State of Kentucky KRS 242.  Current fees are categorized under Ordinance #12-01 Series 2012.

The City of Hurstbourne may also grant temporary alcohol licenses for special events. All events in the City providing alcohol are first required to obtain a special events license.

Applications must include a check payable to the City of Hurstbourne for the amount of the applicable license(s). 

All licenses are reviewed by the City Alcohol Beverage Control Officer.  Once the local ABC Administrator has signed the State application, it may be forwarded to the State of Kentucky for final approval. 


Sign Permit

Applications must be made for sign permits.  Click Chapter 153 for full description of sign regulations.  Please fill out the New Sign Permit and submit along with drawings and details of materials and construction details.  Initial sign permit fees are $1 per square foot.  Annual renewal fees are .50 per square foot.

Banner Permit

Please submit Application for Temporary Banner Permit along with rendering or drawing to Code Enforcement City Hall.  The temporary Banner Permit Fee is $25.

POD and Dumpster Permit

A permit is required before placing a POD or Dumpster within the City of Hurstbourne.  Please obtain a POD Permit or Dumpster Permit and submit to Code Enforcement for approval.  A $10 fee must be included with the permit application.