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Commission Meeting – Tuesday, March 26, – 4:30 p.m.

Commission Meeting – Tuesday, April 9, – 4:30 p.m.

Commission Meeting – Tuesday, April 23, – 4:30 p.m.




Viking’s Development – Site work underway

          Site is cleared and prepped for underground work

Underground Utilities, Water & MSD installations



Snow Removal Plans in place for Winter

Each year, the City prepares for winter season with yearly irrigation shutdowns, seasonal pruning and other maintenance. Another very important service provided by the City is snow removal. A comprehensive system of treatments is used to remove snow, sleet and ice – all in concert to keep our street clear and safe.

The three commonly used street surface treatments are liquid brine, bulk salt and plowing. Brine and bulk salt are used depending on weather conditions. Unfortunately, much like prediction of the weather itself, it is difficult to determine the exact ingredients of each winter storm. In other words, temperature, duration, and mix all play into how a particular storm will affect us in forms of precipitation. With each storm, the City will employ the best-matched remedies at hand to clear our streets.

Recipe of Winter Weather & Pavement Cracks = Pesky Potholes

It’s that time of the year where those pesky potholes pop-up in our streets. Unfortunately, when asphalt wears down over time, it begins to crack. Warm rains and vehicle traffic typically wear down streets over a long period of time. The first signs of wear and tear on streets show up in the form of surface cracks. However, during the winter months, cold temperatures are added to the “mix” and it all speeds up the deterioration process. 

If you run into, over or around a pothole, call City Hall at (502) 426-4808 and tell us where the pothole is located. Please note that providing exact street addresses are most helpful when reporting potholes.

Once potholes are discovered and reported, we notify our contractors to make speedy repairs. Please be patient as repairs can only be made when temperatures are above freezing and street surfaces are clear of a standing water and debris. Pothole repairs are made by using a hot or cold patch asphalt mix. 

Minutes of Meetings

Public Meetings

City Commission meetings are open to the public.

Regular Meeting Schedule

  • Days: Second and fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Times: 4:30 p.m.
  • Location: City of Hurstbourne City Hall, 200 Whittington Pkwy.

Speaking at Meetings

Anyone that wants to speak at a Commission Meeting must sign up to speak prior to the meeting.  Please note speaking times are limited to three minutes unless otherwise permitted by the Commission.