On many occasions, the City needs to mass-communicate important alerts, events and information to Hurstbourne residents right away. Examples include weather events, delays in sanitation pickup schedules, community events, and public safety alerts.  In the past, the only options available were through word of mouth, phone calls, limited email exchanges and some resident-based social media. It was determined this was not good enough.

The City of Hurstbourne entered into an agreement with REACH Alert, a local company and provider of an instant mass communication system that delivers important information to our residents in real time.

SIGN UP FOR REACH ALERT – No cost, quick and easy!
It’s simple to sign up and you can choose message delivery preferences:

  • Message by Telephone
  • Message by Email
  • Message by Text
  • Or, all three message formats

You can add up to four devices (email addresses and/or phone numbers to receive your timely communication).

Please note that your contact information will never be given, or sold, to any outsiders and the REACH Alert system will be used solely and prudently by the City for important and timely messages.

However, if you do not register, you won’t be able to participate and you will not receive any messages. Registration takes just a few minutes to complete.

To register, go to and click on the blue text “Create an account.”  When prompted, use the following information to register for the City of Hurstbourne network:  Network Name:  “City of Hurstbourne” Role:  “Resident” or “Business”

After you register, you then can login at anytime to update your contact information. Anyone in your house can sign up to receive the information.

If you do not have access to the internet, or have difficulty registering, feel free to call REACH Alert at (877) 307-9313.  Or, if you have questions or need more information, call City Hall at (502) 426-4808.