• Starting August 14, recycling will be automated using 65-gallon wheeled containers supplied by Rumpke. (Some residents already have the containers.)
  • You will no longer be able to use the small green recycling bins with black lids. There is no need to turn these bins back in. They are yours to keep or dispose of during a pickup.
  • Rumpke will deliver the new containers (one per residence) in the week of August 8.
  • Rumpke’s truck uses a mechanical arm to hoist and empty the containers. Because of this change, emptied recycling containers will not be returned to the front corner of the house.
  • If you do not wish to use the recycling container, please contact Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171 and request the container to be picked up.

Garbage, Recycle and Yard Waste service:
Contact Rumpke Dispatch Office



There is a misconception that there is supposed to be a certain style of truck for collection, but really they are interchangeable. One style is not necessarily designated for a particular service type.  It can be a side loader, a front loader, or a rear loader style truck for any of the above services. All trucks have the ability to compact.  The main aspect of providing any service is that only the specified items go into that particular truck.  Feel free to contact City Hall, or Rumpke direct with any questions or concerns.

Collection Days

Trash and Recycle

Trash and Yard Waste

Trash, Recycle and Yard Waste are picked up in different trucks

3-20 gallon or 2-30 gallon cans. If needed, additional cans and bags are accepted at the curb. This excludes grass and  leaves. IMPORTANT NOTE:  FULL WEIGHT LIMIT – NOT TO EXCEED 75 LBS PER CONTAINER

Recycling is picked up at the curb only.
A bin and lid are provided to each home and should be left from the previous owner. If you do not have a bin, please call the City office. Recycle bins and lids are provided by the City of Hurstbourne.

Recycle Items Accepted
Rumpke has expanded the number of items that can be accepted. Listed below are items that are now accepted.
• Plastic bottles and jars #1 through #7
• Newspapers, including advertising inserts
• Brown grocery bags
• Telephone books
• Magazines and catalogs that are no thicker than one inch
• Office and computer paper
• Paperboard and beverage carrying cases
• Gift boxes, cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, etc.
• Glass bottles and jars: clear and all colors
• Aluminum cans
• Tin, steel, bi-metal food cans
• Aluminum foil and foil food containers
• Corrugated cardboard: bundles two feet by 2′ x 2′ only, bundled and at the curb. If you decide to put them out for garbage they must still be broken down and set at the curb.
• Junk mail
Remember to rinse all food residues from these items. Rumpke cannot recycle items that have food particles or are soiled by food residue. You do not need to remove paper labels from cans or jars.


  • Plastic bags
  • Styrofoam (egg cartons, take out food containers)
  • Medical sharps or syringes
  • Window or drinking glass
  • Coat hangers or scrap metal
  • Plastics that are not bottles or jugs

Yard Waste is picked up at the curb only.


  • Compostable Plastic Bags
  • Paper Bags
  • Reusable Garbage Can

Paper bags and 20-30 gal. cans are acceptable containers for yard waste

APPROVED YARD WASTE CONTAINERS must be placed at the curb. Grass and leaves will not be picked up on Tuesday. We do request that residents keep their grass and leaves at the rear of their home until Thursday night or very early Friday morning. Yard Waste is defined as all waste items from the yard, such as dead shrubs, twigs, limbs, grass and leaves. The only exception is tree limbs three inches in diameter and larger, which are to be disposed of in the garbage.
The City of Hurstbourne sanitation contract provides rear door collections at all residential locations for the removal of up to 60 gallons (either three 20 gallon or two 30 gallon containers).

If a resident has more than 60 gallons of refuse for collection at the rear door, the additional refuse must be set at the curb. The contractor will not remove more than 60 gallons of refuse from the rear of the home. However, and only if needed, additional cans and bags may be placed at the curb to handle the excess.
Limbs, Branches, etc.
The contractor will remove limbs, branches and the like if they are cut into four foot (4′) lengths and tied into reasonably sized bundles and set at the curb. Only limbs, sticks or branches under 3″ will be taken with the yard waste.


Christmas Trees
Christmas trees will be picked up after the holiday season on regular collection days when left at the curb. No special cutting or other preparation of the trees is necessary.

Refuse should not be packaged in any container larger than 30 gallons. When discarding sod, or lawn edging smaller containers should be used.

Using Plastic Bags
Extra precaution should be taken if plastic bags are used. Please remember, the stress of stuffed bags, heavy refuse and weather conditions weaken a plastic bag as it sits. The contractor is responsible for cleaning any litter of a broken bag only if they cause the break, for example, if they drop the bag. Litter from over-stressed bags is the residents’ responsibility.

Garbage Accessibility to the Contractor
All garbage should be accessible to the contractor by 6:30 AM even if the contractor will not arrive until a later time. The contractor will not be required to return to a missed site if garbage is not accessible.

Unusually Large or Heavy Refuse
Any unusually large or heavy refuse, such as building materials, water heater, furniture and similar items, are not covered by the contract. Residents may contact Rumpke to make private arrangements for the removal of such objects.

Junk Pick-Up Day
Twice a year the City provides a junk pick-up day. This pick up is usually done in April and October of each year. Residents will be notified of exact dates.

For people living on Wessex Place who want to participate in a junk pick-up day please have all of you items in the alley where your garbage is regularly picked up.

Inverness residents who want to participate in a junk pick-up day please place your items by the toter corral.

Items that the city office frequently receives calls about regarding Junk Pick-Up Day
Refrigerators: All refrigerators must have the freon removed by a certified technician and have a certified sticker on it from the technician for removal.
Water Heaters: Water Heaters must be empty and at the curb
Paint: Latex paint is accepted on any regular garbage pick up day, as well as, Junk Pick-Up Day. It must be dry (kitty litter helps speed the drying process), also, please leave the lids off.
Oil-Based paint is not accepted because it is considered household hazardous waste. You may contact the Jefferson County Green Outlook Program to find out more about disposing oil-based paint. Their phone number is
57-GREEN. (574-7336), you may also call Metro Call at 574-5000.