November 14, 2017
Mayor Mary Schneider called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.
C.A.O. Leidgen conducted the roll call.  A quorum of the Commission was present.
Present: Mary Schneider, Mayor
Ben Jackson, Commissioner
Norb Hancock, Commissioner
Earl Hubbuch, Commissioner
                Lois Wagner, Commissioner
Present: John Singler, City Attorney
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Schneider.
No guests were present.
Commissioner Wagner made the motion that the minutes of the October 24, 2017 regular meeting be approved as distributed to the Commission.  Her motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson; motion carried unanimously.
No business items.
Commissioner Jackson reported that a Certificate of Deposit in the amount of $250,000 will mature on November 27, 2017. He recommended that the CD be renewed for a one-year variable rate of 1.25% at Central Bank.
C. A. O. Jim Leidgen reported that road barriers with reflective signs were priced with Jean Henry from Lawrence and Associates. These signs are required for each barrier which will be placed on 4×4 or 6×6 posts set in concrete and placed at the end of the closed streets.
Commissioner Hubbuch distributed and discussed a report regarding the road closure signage. He stated that the Public Works team proposes the following in compliance with City Ordinance 17-1 (paragraph 1C) wherein the City Commission voted to permanently close Stamford Drive and Cheffield Drive at the junction with the Bullitt Farm property. We propose to install three (3) road closing markers (as detailed in the attached drawings). The estimated cost is approximately $3000 (no formal quote). Based on the Commission approval and City Attorney Singler’s recommendation on when signage should be installed, the Public Works team will obtain a firm quotation and estimated lead time from Installation Company. The Commission approval is requested so the project can move forward.
After much discussion about the timing of the barriers placement, the Commission asked C. A. O. Jim Leidgen to obtain bids for the barriers.
Mayor Schneider reported that the City Landscaping & Planning Committee has been meeting and they are getting ready to finalize some documentation.  Commissioner Wagner added that the meetings have been fact finding and any plans will be brought before the Commission.
With regards to sidewalks, Commissioner Hubbuch reported that the sidewalk shaving had been completed and all the paving is done. In addition, several trees have been removed.
Mr. Leidgen reported that preliminary discussions regarding the City’s website upgrade have gone well. Other websites are being reviewed and information is being gathered to determine how the City image should be displayed.  Also, there will be additional meetings with website vendors that have municipality website experience.
No report.
ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Singler
He had no report; however, Mr. Singler added that he will have the road closures filed by the next Commission meeting.
PUBLIC SAFETY – Commissioner Hancock
Commissioner Hancock reported an incident where a felon was arrested in a parked car in the City of Hurstbourne. In addition, Commissioner Hubbuch reported that a resident had a piece of lawn equipment stolen.
PUBLIC WORKS—Commissioner Hubbuch
Commissioner Hubbuch reported that the cul-de-sacs have been completed and the trees will be planted soon. In addition, he complimented C. A. O. Jim Leidgen and City Engineer Chris Crumpton for their input regarding Bramer Brothers, Greenscapes, and Pro-Turf. He felt their work had been transparent and they had a good working relationship.
Commissioner Jackson placed on the table for discussion Municipal Order 17-33 A Municipal Order Approving Purchase and Installation of Qualifying Weather Station for Participation In Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)As Part Of NWS/NOAA. Commissioner Jackson stated that he will contact Meteorologist Kevin Harned to gain his opinion on this matter. Commissioner Hubbuch asked how to access the system, is there a monthly fee, and what maintenance is required?  C. A. O. Jim Leidgen explained how user friendly the system is and there is a warranty. Commissioner Jackson then made a motion to approve MO 17-33; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Hubbuch. Motion approved unanimously.
Commissioner Jackson added to the Investment Committee report that the Certificate of Deposit which matures on November 27th has a current rate of .349% and will increase to a 1.25% one-year variable rate.
No report.
No report.
TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Bennett
No report.
C.A.O. Leidgen distributed a Winter 2017 draft of the Hurstbourne Herald. He invited the Commission to submit any information they may have on the listed subjects.
Mr. Leidgen also distributed a draft letter addressed to Mr. Kevin Cogan, Chairman and CEO of Jefferson Development Group.  This letter is an agreement between the City of Hurstbourne and the Jefferson Development Group and has Binding Element #17 attached plus a map of the lots as they were originally submitted.  In addition, there is email from 2014 that illustrates the split lots and their allocated values.  Lastly, there is a chart which lists the monies that have been paid and the balance that is due. There is also a discussion of what will not be developed in the future. (Jim…I stated what you said, but please double check me).
Commissioner Hubbuch presented many concerns with this proposed agreement with Mr. Cogan. He gave historical insight to the development and asked the Commission to table this agreement in order to have more discussions. (Jim…I wasn’t sure you wanted to list all the comments Mr. Hubbuch made about Mr. Cogan since the minutes will be displayed and will be permanent). Also, Mr. Hubbuch questioned the actual expense of removing the commercial entrance wall that leads into the Jefferson Development. He expressed that he preferred that Mr. Cogan make a written proposal to the City.
After much discussion, Commissioner Wagner asked that the language in the letter state “Remove all debris below ground level”. City Attorney John Singler suggested that the language state “Remove all debris down to ground level or below sufficient for proper installation of landscape material”.  With that change, Commissioner Wagner made a motion to move forward with this proposal. Her motion was seconded by Mayor Schneider. The motion passed 3-1-1with Mayor Schneider and Commissioners Jackson and Wagner voting yea; and Commissioner Hubbuch voting nay with strong opposition.
At 5:35 p.m. Commissioner Wagner made the motion to adjourn. Her motion was seconded by Mayor Schneider; motion carried unanimously.