May 8, 2012
4:30 PM

Mayor Bob English called the meeting to order.

C.A.O. Jim Leidgen conducted the roll call. Present were: Mayor Bob English; Commissioners Ed Dahlem, Dick Hays, Earl Hubbuch and Lois Wagner; and Attorney John Singler. Treasurer Bill Bennett was not in attendance. Mr. Leidgen determined that a quorum was present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor English.

Kris Raitzer, principal of Lowe Elementary School; Kathy Brown, Chairman of the Lowe Elementary School PTA; and a number of students and parents were present to discuss their Playground Enhancement Effort. They have initiated a multi-phase project to enhance their current playground, which will benefit City of Hurstbourne residents as well as Lowe Elementary students. Ms. Raitzer explained that their school was recently named one of the ten top-ranked public schools in the state and that they strongly encourage children to develop healthy habits, including physical activity. The City of Hurstbourne had been a financial partner in the initial development of the playground, and they were hoping for financial assistance in its update and expansion. Ms. Brown explained that new swings, a rock wall, and soccer goals have already been installed and they are hoping to raise funds to add additional equipment with a projected cost of $28,215. After discussion, the Commissioners told Ms. Raitzer and Ms. Brown that they would give them a decision on this matter within two Commission meetings.

David Duvall of Linn Station Road.

C.A.O. Leidgen introduced the City’s new independent contractor for support in financial administration, Trisha Sikkema. Ms. Sikkema thanked the Mayor and Commissioners for the opportunity to work for the City of Hurstbourne.

David Buchanan of 1100 Oxmoor Woods Parkway and president of the Oxmoor Woods Residents’ Association returned to the Commission regarding their request for landscaping improvements at their entranceways. This will be discussed during Commissioner Wagner’s report.

City Engineer Chris Crumpton who spoke during Commissioner Wagner’s report.

Dennis Cayot of 1008 Colonel Anderson Parkway.
Norman and Carol Sattich of 1212 Hogarth Dr.

Mr. Tom Dean.

Metro Councilman Jon Ackerson and Mark Meurer representing Metro District 18. Mr. Ackerson gave an update on proposed projects within his district, specifically the proposal for a sound barrier wall along I-64. It is projected that construction on this wall will begin in 2013 and be completed in 2014. He referred to planned improvements to be made on the ramps at Hurstbourne Parkway and I-64 and also improvements at Shelbyville Road and Hurstbourne Parkway.

Commissioner Hays made the motion to approve as distributed the minutes of the April 24, 2012 regular meeting of the City Commission; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Dahlem. Motion carried.


ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Singler
Attorney Singler distributed a copy of the minutes of the Development Review Committee regarding the change in the Binding Elements in the Vinings project. He asked the Commission to review this, and he will prepare a Municipal Order for the next Commission meeting.

C.A.O. Leidgen reported he has been in contact with Mr. Aaron Thompson of Evergreen Realty pertaining to JHS Vining’s tentative agreement to light the entrance to their property. The transformers have been disconnected and pulled as part of the demolition process, and they have no preliminary plans to put them back since they don’t know the size and scope of the project that will eventually go at that site. Mr. Leidgen will continue to be in contact with them and with LG&E to determine what options the City will have in this matter.

C.A.O. Leidgen has completed his projected 2012-13 budget and will meet with each Commissioner to determine their respective requests prior to the final budget proposal.

He reported on some of the City’s code and ordinance violations, such as residents who aren’t keeping their grass mowed and liens to be filed.

MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor English
To Mayor English’s question, Commissioner Wagner said that rain censors will be installed on the sprinkler systems at two locations in the City, which should prove to be more efficient and prevent the sprinklers from operating when it is raining. If this proves to be effective, the censors will be installed at the other locations.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Commissioner Wagner
Commissioner Wagner and Engineer Chris Crumpton addressed the request from Oxmoor Woods Residents’ Association’s for landscaping work at their entrance. Mr. Crumpton presented a rendering of possible work to be done and stated he had obtained some preliminary cost estimates from Braemer Brothers Landscaping. There was discussion about the possible signage at the entrance and the type of entrance the City would like this to be. After further discussion, Commissioner Dahlem made the motion to table this discussion until the next Commission meeting. His motion was seconded by Commissioner Hays. Motion carried.

Mr. Crumpton reported that they have almost completed their signage review and will report on this at the next Commission meeting.

No report.

PUBLIC SAFETY REPORT – Commissioner Hubbuch
Commissioner Dahlem reported on the recent police activity in the City.

Commissioner Hays presented Ordinance # 12-02, Amending Ordinance #09-07, Series 2009-2010
Establishing Letter of Compliance/Approval Requirements as well as Building Design and Use Restrictions. This ordinance would delete that portion of the sentence in Section 1(D) which states that the entrance of said garage cannot be directly facing the front lot line “and must be off-set and said orientation must be approved by the City of Hurstbourne and must be at least an angle of 45 degrees off-set from the home” except on lots where the original garage was built facing the street. Commissioner Hays made the motion to approve first reading of this ordinance. His motion was seconded by Commissioner Hubbuch. Motion carried. Attorney Singler gave first reading to this ordinance by summary.

At 6:30 p.m. Commissioner Hays made the motion to adjourn; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Dahlem. Motion carried.