March 22, 2016
4:30 PM
Mayor Mary Schneider called the meeting to order.
C.A.O. Leidgen conducted the roll call.  A quorum of the Commission was present.
Present:           Mary Schneider, Mayor
Earl Hubbuch, Commissioner
Ben Jackson, Commissioner
Lois Wagner, Commissioner
Rusty Wells, Commissioner
Others John Singler, City Attorney
Present: Chris Crumpton, City Engineeer Faye Tanner, Recording Secretary
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Schneider.
Mr. Ross Oberhauser of DMK Development Group presented for approval their plans to construct an addition to a two-car garage connected by a breezeway.  It includes space that would have heating and air conditioning and the exterior would match that of the original home.  Commissioner Wagner said she felt the adjoining property owners should have an opportunity to speak to this issue.  After further discussion, Commissioner Wagner made the motion to approve the plans if there are no objections or suggestions from the neighbors.  Her motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson; motion carried unanimously.  C.A.O. Leidgen will get back in touch with the neighbors and follow up with Mr. Oberhauser.
Commissioner Wagner asked that the Minutes of the March 8, 2016 regular meeting of the Commission be changed under the General Government Report to reflect that the Municipal Order presented by Attorney Singler was at the direction of Commissioner Jackson.  Commissioner Wells made the motion to approve those minutes after the change has been made.  His motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson.  Motion carried unanimously.
Municipal Order 16-13 relating to Check Register Approvals for February, 2016 was placed on the table for discussion.  Mayor Schneider asked for clarification of two expenditures which C.A.O. Leidgen will provide to her.  Commissioner Hubbuch made the motion to approve MO 16-13 once those expenditures are explained.  His motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson; motion carried unanimously.
ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Singler
Attorney Singler reported that the property transfer request has been sent to Louisville Metro.
Attorney Singler sent a letter to the homeowner where there is a tent and an excessive amount of trees and other landscaping.  The letter asked that they contact him or the City within ten days; however, there has been no response.  He will follow through on this.
There has been no movement on the Leicester Circle lawsuit.
The high-speed fiber optic internet agreement has still not been finalized by Louisville Metro, but this process may be completed within the next few weeks.
CITY ENGINEER’S REPORT – Engineer Crumpton
Engineer Crumpton presented illustrations for the plaques at the proposed new entrances at Linn Station Road.  Several recommendations were made by the Commissioners and Mr. Crumpton will forward those suggestions to Eagle Sign Company.
Engineer Crumpton has been working on the design for the retention basin at Hurstbourne Country Club.  He also presented his estimate for the construction cost.  After much discussion, it was decided that City officials will meet with officials of the Country Club before this project goes forward.
C.A.O. said he had some recommendations for the Municipal Order which Attorney Singler had drafted which would clarify or line it up in terms of the City’s Ethics Policy.  Another minor change was also made at Commissioner Jackson’s request.  Commissioner Jackson stated that he asked Attorney Singler to draft the Municipal Order because his desire is to help the City and not to increase his income.  Commissioner Wells also had some recommended changes for the MO which was discussed.  He wanted to make absolutely certain there would be no conflict of interest.  Commissioner Jackson again stated this was not about any funds he might receive but about the fact that the City should keep the office space in the building rented out as much as possible.  Mayor Schneider said her interest is also to keep the building rented.  After further discussion, Commissioner Hubbuch made the motion to approve Municipal Order 16-14, Relating to Financial Interest Disclosure and Order City of Hurstbourne Commissioner Ben Jackson as it was originally presented.  His motion was seconded by Mayor Schneider.  Mayor Schneider called for a roll call vote:  Mayor Schneider and Commissioners Hubbuch and Wells voted yea; Commissioner Wagner voted nay; and Commissioner Jackson abstained.  MO 16-14 was thereby approved 3-1-1.
Mr. Leidgen presented his C.A.O. Management Report.
The building office space has been shown several times.  The expansion of the meeting room is completed except for the painting and carpet which should be done within the next week.  The exit signs
have been ordered.  C.A.O. Leidgen received estimates for replacing the windows with broken seals; however, there was concern that the new windows might not match the ones that are not replaced.  He will get 2-3 estimates for replacing all windows.   Commissioner Hubbuch thanked C.A.O. Leidgen and Mrs. Lempke for the work they have done in getting this project completed.
The City audit should be ready for the next Commission meeting.
TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Bennett
No report.
MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Schneider
No report.
PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Commissioner Wells
Commissioner Wells reported that he has noticed a lot of cracking of the asphalt on several of the City streets.  Engineer Crumpton will look at this.
C.A.O. Leidgen received a proposal for the City’s possible sidewalk shaving, and he will discuss that this week with Commissioner Wells and Mr. Crumpton.
Commissioner Wells met with Greenscapes. Irrigation should be turned on in early April.  Phase 2 of the irrigation upgrade project should begin in mid-September.
The meeting with MSD and Jeffersontown officials is scheduled for April 13.
Junk Pickup Day is April 16.
Commissioner Wells will look into music for entertainment at the City-wide picnic.
At previous meetings, the Commission discussed at length and concluded that the City does not have a formal policy on speed humps.  To address this issue, the commission previously appointed a special committee to study, develop and propose an Ordinance for commission review and possible action. Committee members appointed were Rusty Wells, Earl Hubbuch, Jim Leidgen and John Singler.
At Commissioner Wells’ suggestion, Mr. Crumpton will get an estimate for the dumpster pad at City Hall in order that it can be completed before the sealant is placed on the parking lot.
There was discussion about the approval which the City is waiting on from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for the proposed entrance at Linn Station.
PUBLIC SAFETY REPORT – Commissioner Hubbuch
Commissioner Hubbuch noted that Rick Sanders, Jeffersontown’s Chief of Police, has just been appointed as Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police.  He asked that C.A.O. Leidgen, with the Commission’s approval, write a letter of congratulations to Chief Sanders.
Commissioner Jackson said the Investment Committee met on March 15, and he distributed minutes from that meeting.  A small checking account at BB&T has been closed.  Several actions were taken at the meeting which required moving funds between various local banks.  Commissioner Wells made the motion to approve the Minutes of the March 15, 2016 Investment Committee meeting.  His motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson; motion carried unanimously.
Commissioner Jackson stated he has been receiving inquiries about the funding for the proposed sound barrier wall.  He responded to an update from State Senator Julie Raque Adams asking her about the status of that request.  Senator Adams responded that it has been included in the Senate version of the budget but it is not yet included in the House version.  She will be advising Hurstbourne as to the progress of that request.
To a question about financial records at BB&T Bank, C.A.O. Leidgen said he would check about signature cards at that bank.
There was discussion about possibly moving the Commission meetings to 4:00 p.m. instead of the current time of 4:30.  Since this has to be done by ordinance, Attorney Singler will draft an ordinance to be discussed at the next meeting.
Commissioner Jackson mentioned an individual who might be interested in listing the vacant office space in the City Hall building.
No report.
At 6:15 p.m. Commissioner Jackson made the motion to adjourn; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Wells.  Motion carried unanimously.