MARCH 14, 2017
Commissioner Earl Hubbuch acting as Mayor Pro-Tem Hubbuch called the meeting to order.
C.A.O. Leidgen conducted the roll call.  A quorum of the Commission was present.
Earl Hubbuch, Commissioner
Ben Jackson, Commissioner
Norb Hancock, Commissioner
Lois Wagner, Commissioner
Present:John Singler, City Attorney
Chris Crumpton, City Engineer
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Pro-Tem Hubbuch.
None were present.
Commissioner Wagner moved to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of February 28, 2017; her motion was seconded by Commissioner Hancock. Motion carried unanimously.
City Attorney John Singler distributed Ordinance 17-02 “AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO REVISIONS TO CODIFIED CHAPTER 111” for second reading.  Mr. Singler reported that the City of Hurstbourne had never adopted the extended hours of 4 a.m. and this ordinance amends that issue to the extended hours of 12 a.m. and 2 a.m.  In addition, the ordinance listed opening hours of 10 a.m. for Special Sunday retail drink licenses. These changes match those hours currently in place in Metro Louisville.  Commissioner Hubbuch made a motion for second reading of Ordinance 17-02; his motion seconded by Commissioner Jackson. A roll call vote was taken—Commissioner Hancock—yes, Commissioner Hubbuch—yes, Commissioner Jackson—yes, and Commissioner Wagner—yes.  Ordinance 17-02 was enacted with a vote of 4-0 and one absence.
Attorney Singler stated that the Wessex Place Home Owners Association had contacted Louisville Metro regarding the height of the parking lot light poles at the Vining’s Apartments. Because of this action, Louisville Metro issued a violation to the developer due to the extended height of the light poles. After much discussion, Mr. Singler asked how the City of Hurstbourne would like to resolve this matter. It was decided that Mr. Singler write a letter to the Vining’s Apartments asking them to request for a binding element change in the Vining’s Development Plan from Louisville Metro which in turn can be voted upon by the City of Hurstbourne.  Mr. Singler agreed and said he would copy the letter to the Commission.
Committee Reports
There were no committee reports on HSWAC or Road Closures. However, Commissioner Jackson stated there will be an upcoming meeting of the Investment Committee.
No report.
PUBLIC SAFETY – Commissioner Hancock
Commissioner Hancock reported that a couple of residents complimented the City of Hurstbourne on the police presence.
PUBLIC WORKS—Commissioner Hubbuch
Commissioner Hubbuch reported that contracts for the fiscal year of 2018 have been signed with Bramer Brothers, Pro-Turf, Bramer Brothers for snow, Pro-Turf for snow, and Greenscapes as previously approved by the Commission at the February 28, 2017 meeting.
All flowers, bushes, mulch for the 2017 season have been ordered and will be planted or spread by      mid-April with weather permitting.
As determined by the City horticulturist, thirty-eight trees were removed due to disease or damage.  They were removed by Tree Care, Inc., the awarded contractor from three competitive quotes. Currently, new trees are in the process of being selected as replacements. Additional trees are being selected to replace trees removed this year and in 2016. Extreme weather conditions prevented the plantings last season. A total of sixty trees are being selected for future planting.
Commissioner Hubbuch commended C. A. O. Jim Leidgen and all of the contract representatives for their combined efforts and assistance in finalizing the 2017 seasonal contracts.
Commissioner Jackson reported there will be an Oxmoor Woods Association meeting on March 28, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
He inquired if the sidewalk on Croydon Circle had been leveled.  City Crumpton stated that Jean Henry of Lawrence and Associates will submit a quote for that sidewalk and for additional areas in the city.
Commissioner Jackson distributed the proposed listing agreement between the City of Hurstbourne and KW Commercial for the available space located upstairs at 200 Whittington Parkway.  These spaces would lease for $13.25 per square foot. A motion was made to approve a listing and commission agreement for KW Commercial for units 203 and 204 by Commissioner Jackson; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Hancock. Motion carried unanimously.
No report.
ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Singler
No report.
TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Bennett
No report.
CITY ENGINEER – Engineer Crumpton
City Engineer Crumpton distributed a report titled Williamsburg/Vining’s Stormwater Assessment Fee for Drainage Impacts. This report illustrated those properties that still have outstanding fees. After review of the properties lots that are in arear, Commissioner Hubbuch asked that City Attorney Singler write a letter to the Jefferson Development Group stating the total amount due from the established binding elements is a total of $60,000. Commissioner Wagner agreed and stated that all businesses, whether they                    re-developed or didn’t, benefit from the location and affect the drainage.
C.A.O. Jim Leidgen distributed the C. A. O. Management Report.  He provided a Hurstbourne Hearld draft for review and asked for any additional input from the Commissioners. The newsletter has a deadline and must reach the residents prior to April 1st.
Mr. Leidgen added that the codification of the ordinances is ongoing and the latest Ordinance 17-02 passed at this meeting will be included.
Commissioner Jackson made the motion to adjourn at 5:51 p.m.  His motion was seconded by Commissioner Wagner.  Motion carried unanimously.