January 8, 2013
4:30 PM


Attorney John Singler called the meeting to order.

C.A.O. Leidgen conducted the roll call. Present were: Commissioners Ed Dahlem, Earl Hubbuch, Ben Jackson, and Lois Wagner; Attorney John Singler; C.A.O. Jim Leidgen; and Treasurer Bill Bennett. Mayor Bob English arrived a few minutes later in the meeting. A quorum of the Commission was present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Attorney Singler.

Commissioner Wagner made the motion that Commissioner Dahlem be nominated as Mayor Pro Tem for the meeting or until Mayor English’s arrival. Her motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson; motion carried.

There were no guests in attendance who signed up to speak to the Commission.

Mayor Pro Tem Dahlem made the motion to approve as distributed the minutes of the December 11, 2012 regular meeting of the City Commission; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Wagner. Motion carried.

Municipal Order 13-01 Relating to Check Register Approvals for November 2012. Commissioner Wagner made the motion to approve MO 13-01; seconded by Mayor Pro-Tem Dahlem. Motion carried.

Municipal Order 13-02 Relating to Appointing the Superintendents for City Departments. This
municipal order designates the following superintendents over City Departments and states that these individuals shall serve as Superintendents of their respective Departments: General Government – Ed Dahlem; Public Safety – Earl Hubbuch; Public Works – Lois Wagner; and Sanitation/Code Enforcement – Ben Jackson. Mayor Pro Tem Dahlem made the motion to approve MO 13-02; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Hubbuch. Motion carried.

MAYOR ENGLISH arrived and took over as chair of the meeting.

BUSINESS ITEMS (continued)
Municipal Order 13-03 Relating to Designating a Mayor Pro Tem. Commissioner Wagner made the motion that Commissioner Dahlem’s name be inserted as the Mayor Pro Tem and that MO 13-03 then be approved; her motion was seconded by Mayor English. Motion carried.

Municipal Order 13-04 Relating to Re-Appointment of the City Administrative Officer/City Clerk/Alcohol Beverage Control Officer. Commissioner Dahlem made the motion to approve MO 13-04; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson. Motion carried.

Municipal Order 13-05 Relating to Re-Appointment of City Engineer. Commissioner Jackson made the motion to approve MO 13-05; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Wagner. Motion carried.

Municipal Order 13-06 Relating to Re-Appointing the Attorney for the City. Mayor English made the motion to approve MO 13-06; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Dahlem. Motion carried.

Municipal Order 13-07 Relating to Re-Appointing the City Treasurer. Commissioner Dahlem made the motion to approve MO 13-07; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Hubbuch. Motion carried.

ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney Singler
Attorney Singler reported that the Buckingham house which had been in foreclosure is back on the list to be sold.

Attorney Singler has been in touch with an individual in the foreclosure department of the bank holding the mortgage on the Kaplan property.

The list of those owing delinquent Hurstbourne taxes through 2010 was given to the Commissioners. Liens have also been filed on those individuals who have not paid their 2011 taxes.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Bennett
Treasurer Bennett presented the financial report through November 30, 2012. Funds have been transferred to pay for the recent paving done in the City.

C.A.O. Leidgen said the City has been fortunate in that the amount received from the insurance
premium tax has risen each year. He felt that the funds which are received are much closer to the amount the city is entitled to since the insurance companies are much more accountable than they were when that tax was initially implemented. New technology in in place at the provider level that identifies the location of any specific risk covered. He asked the Commissioners to consider weighing expenses associated with mailing residents a reminder for them to report to each of their insurance companies that they reside in the City of Hurstbourne vs. the likelihood of financial gain to the City. After discussion, C.A.O. Leidgen said he would come back to the Commission after he has done more research on this matter.

C.A.O. Leidgen presented the Service Request/Call Traffic Log for December and reported that it was a quiet month at City Hall.

He presented the Traffic Control Activity Report and said the Crime Incident Activity Report will be presented at the next Commission meeting.

Mr. Leidgen has been inspecting businesses to make sure that proper license fees are assessed.

C.A.O. Leidgen asked City Engineer to give an update on the status of City projects in various stages of completion.

Entrances: Revised brick mockups are being provided for review for S. Lyndon Lane and Seaton Springs entrances to better match the existing brick at Oxmoor Woods Parkway. Mr. Crumpton will continue to monitor progress for coordination with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in the installation of entrance walls and columns at Linn Station Road, Caritas Way, and Blairwood Road

Signage: Phase I of the Signage Improvement Program has been completed. The plaques for the new entrance locations will soon be installed.

Striping: Additional striping for stop bars should be completed by next week.

ADA Sidewalks: Sidewalks along Blairwood Road and handicap ramps along Nottingham and Marlboro Circle have been completed. The next phase should be prioritized along some of the main streets that were paved this past year. Estimated pricing will be used to determine the projected cost for each street for the ADA Sidewalks Improvements Project.

Driveway Modifications/Drainage: Mr. Crumpton provided standard details to be used as options provided to property owners and their contractors when replacing or repairing driveways which will prevent modifications to the curb and gutter that could cause drainage problems. There was discussion about how and when to implement these options and how to notify residents of those requirements.

City Engineer Crumpton presented to the Commission a revised detailed district development plan for modifications to the Olive Garden Restaurant. These changes have already been approved by Louisville Metro and will be discussed further at the next Hurstbourne Commission meeting.

MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor English
Mayor English referred to a plumbing company that is soliciting work in Hurstbourne to install back-flow preventer valves. They will be contacted regarding the city’s no solicitation policy.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Commissioner Wagner
Commissioner Wagner stated she has asked Engineer Crumpton to begin the process of evaluating the cost for the next phase of the ADA Sidewalks Improvements project.

Holiday decorations have been removed and new greenery purchased for next year.


No report.

PUBLIC SAFETY REPORT – Commissioner Hubbuch
No report.

No report.


At 6:05 p.m. Commissioner Dahlem made the motion to adjourn; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Wagner. Motion carried.