August 9, 2016
Mayor Mary Schneider called the meeting to order.
C.A.O. Leidgen conducted the roll call.  A quorum of the Commission was present.
Present: Mary Schneider, Mayor
Earl Hubbuch, Commissioner
Ben Jackson, Commissioner
Rusty Wells, Commissioner
Lois Wagner, Commissioner
Present: John Singler, City Attorney
Chris Crumpton, City Engineer
Faye Tanner, Recording Secretary
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Schneider.
There were no guests in attendance.
Commissioner Wells had several changes he wanted made to the minutes of the regular meeting of July 26, 2016.  Commissioner Hubbuch made the motion to approve those minute as amended; his motion was seconded by Commissioner Wagner.  Motion carried unanimously.
No business items.
At the Commission’s request, Attorney Singler had researched the history of the closing of two streets in Hurstbourne, and he presented that information to them.  There was discussion about the traffic problems that would potentially occur when the Bullitt Farm is developed, and whether it would be wise for a committee to be appointed to stay on top of this concern.  Commissioner Hubbuch made the following statement: “The Hurstbourne Commission has for many years been concerned with the collateral problems that the proposed development of the Bullitt farm could possibly have on the residents and streets of the City of Hurstbourne.  Recently, the Commission has resurrected these discussions and in particular, the possibility of getting adjacent residents to agree to permanent closure of the five stub streets.”  He therefore made the motion that the Mayor appoint a standing committee to investigate what is required to request the signed approval of the residents for closure.  The committee will provide the Commission with a plan of action and a proposed time table.  His motion also was that the committee would include Ben Jackson, chairperson; Lois Wagner, Commissioner-at-large; John Singler, legal expert; Jim Leidgen, C.A.O. of the City; and a secretary of the committee.  The committee will be established prior to the regular August 23 Commission meeting.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wells.  Motion carried unanimously.
No Treasurer’s Report.
C.A.O. Leidgen’s Service Request-Call Traffic Log was included in the Public Safety Report.
Mr. Leidgen presented a rough draft of the next Hurstbourne Herald and asked for feedback from the Commission.
The construction of the entrance signs at Linn Station/Hurstbourne Lane is progressing and hopefully will be completed by the end of September.
C.A.O. Leidgen and Commissioner Wagner will be working on the City’s sign ordinance.
To a question from Commissioner Hubbuch, Attorney Singler responded that there are specific laws pertaining to parking near a fire hydrant.
Mayor Schneider and C.A.O. Leidgen had attended a Louisville Metro meeting pertaining to solid waste (the second of four such meetings) and the next one will be held on Thursday, August 11 in Lyndon.  They are working to prepare a “position paper” whereby suburban cities would not lose their autonomy.  Attorney Singler said he will be researching to determine the limits of the franchise power and how services would be paid for.  Mayor Schneider will report back on this at a later date.
PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Commissioner Wells 
Commissioner Wells stated that at the last meeting with MSD, they said they would have definitive “hybrid” solutions to present to Hurstbourne and hopefully that will be ready by the August 23 Commission meeting.
Commissioner Wells and Engineer Crumpton met to schedule the list of streets for fall repaving.  That list should be ready for review at the next Commission meeting and bids should be ready for review in September.
Commissioner Wells and Engineer Crumpton had walked the bridle path and felt the first phase should be along Shelbyville Road from Nottingham to South Chadwick.  They will present project details and cost information at the September 13 Commission meeting.
Engineer Crumpton had received a bid for the sidewalk shaving/replacement and the cost will probably be over $30,000.  He will present more details at the next meeting.
“Slow, School Zone” signs have been installed near Lowe Elementary School along Oxfordshire and South Chadwick.  The pick-up lane around the back of the school has been striped to designate two rows for cars.  Parents have also been advised of staggered pick-up times to improve the traffic flow.
The City picnic will be on September 25 at Lowe Elementary School from 5:00-8:00 p.m. with the Health Fair from 4:30-6:30.  Wicker Frog will again be providing the entertainment.
PUBLIC SAFETY – Commissioner Hubbuch
Commissioner Hubbuch explained that LMPD officers have been assigned for morning student delivery and afternoon pick-up at Lowe Elementary School for August 10, 11, and 12.  The school zone signs and additional 25 mph signs have been installed and parents have been given instructions for the new traffic pattern at the school.
Commissioner Hubbuch presented a packet containing detailed information and forms which he and C.A.O. Leidgen use to manage the Public Safety activities in the City.  This included the name of the assigned officers and the time for their shifts, a copy of the Professional Service Contract for Police Services with Kentuckiana Law enforcement, a copy of the instruction sheet accompanying traffic citations, and a list of crime prevention tips.
At the August 23 regular Commission meeting, there will be a presentation by the Command Staff from LMPD District Eight and the Chief and/or other members from the Lyndon Fire District.  C.A.O. Leidgen presented a copy of the letter to be sent to Chief Steve Conrad.  A number of individuals have been invited to this meeting, but Commissioner Hubbuch emphasized that others will be invited at the request of the Commission.
C.A.O. Leidgen recommended that the Commission and other residents keep up with any crime near them by logging onto Crimemapping.com.
Commissioner Wells expressed his appreciation to Commissioner Hubbuch and C.A.O. Leidgen for their work on this project.
Commissioner Jackson said he had also looked at the area of the bridle path he had been unfamiliar with, and he is now less interested in making it all a walking path.  Commissioner Wells said he felt it would be better if the concentration is on the Shelbyville Road section of the path.
The Hurstbourne Area Business Association will have a “Meet & Greet” on the evening of Monday, September 12, on the vacant lot behind Barnes & Noble.  This will include a bourbon-tasting event.
No report.
Commissioner Jackson made the motion to adjourn at 6:10 p.m.  His motion was seconded by Commissioner Hubbuch.  Motion carried unanimously.