Over the past several months, Public Safety to residents and businesses in Hurstbourne has become increasingly more important. It is also well known that Louisville Metro Police Department (PD) resources, including manpower, has decreased significantly. Therefore, the following options were considered to preserve and protect the way of life that the residents of Hurstbourne enjoy.

The existing program of using off duty Officers from Metro and Sheriff Depts was considered. However, as stated above, Louisville Metro PD ranks are very thin and use of Jefferson County Sheriff Officers make for less than desirable Public Safety matrix. Bottom line, we do not have measurable access to resources to adequately cover our city.

The option of starting our own police department was also considered. However, maintaining a police department is very expensive. Forming our own police department would cost between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per year.

As a result, we are pleased to inform you that the City of Hurstbourne Commission decided to enter into an agreement with the City of Graymoor Devondale for optimum police coverage – effective November 1, 2020. This interlocal agreement is the best option for several reasons with a few listed below:

  • Graymoor Devondale is close to Hurstbourne; only 5 minutes away = better response time
  • All Officers are retired Metro Police
  • Graymoor Devondale has 20 uniformed Officers and a Detective on staff
  • Officers drive marked cars – their fleet consists of 9 vehicles with 6 being marked
  • Officers are highly skilled and experienced with some having PD Command experience
  • Graymoor Devondale has an active home watch program

It is important to note that Louisville Metro Police District 8 will still be covering Hurstbourne as in the past. Also, in an emergency always call 911.

Look for more information on our website and future media resources.

In the meantime, here are important numbers, email, and website information for your use.

Emergency dial 911
Police Office: 502-425-5862
Dispatch – Officer on Duty: 502-327-2677
Chief of Police: 502-612-9696


If you have any questions or need more information, call us at (502) 426-4808 or email at