FEBRUARY 14, 2023

Mayor Masick called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

C. C. A. O. Tyler Johnson conducted the roll call. A quorum of the Commission was present.
Present: Mary Masick, Mayor
Bill Leavell, Commissioner
Marc Norton, Commissioner
Ben Jackson, Commissioner
Lois Wagner, Commissioner

Present: John Singler, City Attorney
Mike Rhodes, City Treasurer
Chris Crumpton, City Engineer

The pledge of allegiance was led by Mayor Masick.

No guests were in attendance.


The January 24, 2023, minutes were presented for approval. Commissioner Wagner made a motion for approval and her motion was seconded by Commissioner Jackson. Motion carried unanimously.

C. C. A. O. Tyler Johnson—Management Report
CAO Tyler Johnson reported that there is a software Request for Proposals currently out and responses are due back to City Hall on February 15. The RFP is for software related to record keeping and retention. CAO Johnson reported that the garbage contract with Rumpke ends on June 30. Mr. Johnson stated the he is working on new bid specifications that should be ready to go out in April. The current contract was originally agreed upon at 3 years, through 2021, with 2 successive one-year renewals, ending in 2023. Johnson stated that this meant the contract must be re-bid this year, and the City would most likely follow a similar timeline for the next garbage agreement. A discussion occurred regarding fuel surcharges, with City Attorney Singler explaining ways to manage fuel surcharges in the upcoming bid specifications. CAO Johnson reported that he had met with Steve Riggs, the city’s insurance broker, regarding the renewal application with the Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services. Mayor Masick inquired about the increase in premiums, and CAO Johnson stated that Mr. Riggs had talked about a percentage increase but was unsure of the final number.

CAO Johnson discussed a quote he received on the installation of eight additional Flock Safety cameras from the company. The quote was $42,800, with a 2-year subscription to the service. Mr. Johnson stated that the cameras could be purchased with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, or budgeted for in Fiscal Year 2024. The Commission agreed to discuss further during budgeting meetings. CAO Johnson relayed the news that Grady Throneberry was no longer serving as the Lyndon Police Chief. Mr. Johnson stated that the interim Chief is Rob Schroeder, and that from Mr. Johnson’s understanding, he would be accepting the position full-time in the near future. Mr. Johnson reiterated that he believed there would be no interruption of service regarding patrol and detective work in Hurstbourne. CAO Johnson distributed RESOLUTION NO. 01-2023: A RESOLUTION OPPOSING THE PASSAGE OF SENATE BILL 50 AND HOUSE BILL 50 RELATING TO PARTISAN LOCAL ELECTIONS. Mr. Johnson explained that this draft resolution was in response to bills filed in the state Senate and House that would require local government elections to have a partisan primary, and to require all local government candidates to declare a party. Mr. Johnson stated that other cities in Kentucky have passed similar resolutions in opposition to the bills. City Attorney Singler explained the contents of the bill and its requirements regarding the Hurstbourne elections moving forward, if voted into law. After some discussion, Commissioner Jackson made a motion to adopt Resolution 01-2023. Commission Wagner seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously. Commissioner Wagner asked that she and Mayor Masick be involved in the discussion with LG&E regarding the replacement of lights in the city. CAO Johnson stated that he would get availability from his contact with LG&E and set up a meeting with himself, Mayor Masick, Commissioner Wager, and the LG&E representative.

Lastly, CAO Johnson distributed a copy of the state’s Open Records Act information as required by state law at the beginning of each new Commission. Mr. Johnson instructed the Commission to review the documents and sign the acknowledgement page. Mr. Johnson stated he would gather the acknowledgement pages and provide a copy to the state Attorney General’s Office and retain a copy for the city’s records.


Mayor Masick reminded the Commission that the Jefferson County League of Cities Annual Meeting is February 15 if anyone planned to attend. Mayor Masick also discussed the city’s current Emergency/Disaster Response Plan, with the City Attorney explaining that, in the event of a disaster in the city’s limits, Louisville Metro’s Emergency Response Department would handle response. Mr. Singler encouraged the city to formulate their own emergency/disaster plan. CAO Johnson reported that he inquired about, and received, a disaster plan checklist from KLC following the City Officials Academy, and he would begin drafting an updated emergency/disaster plan.

Commissioner Norton reported that he attended a city-wide ride along with the city’s Code Enforcement Field Officer, and that CAO Johnson also attended. He updated the Commission on a deck that was constructed without a Hurstbourne building permit, stating that the owner had submitted a building permit today to City Hall and that he would review the permit for approval. Commissioner Norton stated that there is a car still parking in the grass at a residence on Linn Station Road, and he would discuss next steps to address, with CAO Johnson. Commissioner Norton inquired about the potential for the city to publish the names and/or address of delinquent taxpayers in the newspaper. City Attorney Singler stated that he has seen other cities do this but could not speak to the effectiveness of the practice.

No report given.

PUBLIC SAFETY – Commissioner Leavell
Commissioner Leavell distributed copies of the January police activity report from the Lyndon Police Department. Mr. Leavell pointed out that there were no traffic citations given out in January, and that the Blairwood Road area had received 19 calls for service in January. Commissioner Leavell stated that CAO Johnson would be arranging a coffee and chat event with interim Lyndon Police Chief Schroeder, to be held at Heine Bros. Coffee. Postcards would be distributed to residents to remind them of the event. Commissioner Leavell reported that he, CAO Johnson, and Mayor Masick met with 8 th District Major Eric Wampler to discuss Louisville Metro’s police presence in Hurstbourne. Mr. Leavell stated that it was a productive meeting and he hoped that more resources would become available to LMPD for traffic enforcement and other activities in and around Hurstbourne.

Commissioner Leavell distributed a quote from All Traffic Solutions for the purchase of 3 radar signs, to be installed on the roadways in Hurstbourne that receive the most complaints regarding speed vehicles. Mr. Leavell explained that these radar signs would aid in slowing traffic down at their prospective locations. City Engineer Crumpton inquired about their method of installation and whether or not they could be installed on poles that already exist in the city. CAO Johnson confirmed that they could be installed in existing locations. Mr. Leavell explained that these signs were lightweight and could be moved around the city as needed. Mayor Masick stated that she believed more data should be collected regarding the potential hot spots in Hurstbourne before radar signs are purchased. Commissioner Jackson stated that his concern is that the radar signs would negatively impact property values of homes in close proximity to the location of the radar signs. Commissioner Leavell stated his belief is that the radar signs would represent a safer neighborhood and would positively impact property values for that reason. Commissioner Wagner stated that she believed the city needed to work with the police department to increase traffic enforcement in the coming months before purchasing radar signs. Commissioner Leavell asked CAO Johnson about the budgeting process regarding purchasing the signs. CAO Johnson stated that there is not money in the current year’s budget for the purchase, but that it could be included as a line item in the upcoming fiscal year budget. Commissioner Norton inquired about Louisville Metro’s resources in the city, with Mayor Masick explaining that the 8 th District was short by about 16 officers as of their meeting with Major Wampler. Commissioner Wagner stated that she did not believe the radar signs would deter speeding vehicles. Commissioner Leavell made a motion to approve the purchase of 3 radar signs. No second was made, and the motion died.

PUBLIC WORKS—Commissioner Wagner
Commissioner Wagner asked CAO Johnson to speak to the police department about managing traffic safety during the afternoons when student pickup is occurring at Lowe Elementary, including buses and parents that have run the stop signs in the area.

ATTORNEY’S REPORT – Attorney John Singler
No report given.

Mr. Crumpton reported that there had been a Hurstbourne Stormwater Advisory Committee (HSWAC) meeting. MSD legal had gotten back with City Attorney Singler and a municipal order was needed by the Commission to approve the signing of the project agreement. Mr. Singler explained that the estimated cost share for the city would be $570,000, and the contract stipulated that once design work was completed, the city shall review the cost and make a final decision on whether or not to move forward with the expense. Commissioner Jackson inquired with City Treasurer Rhodes about the city’s ARPA and stormwater funds, with Mr. Rhodes reporting that the city currently had $470,000 in ARPA funds and $500,000 in stormwater funds. Mr. Crumpton stated that the city would need to meet with Hurstbourne Country Club regarding the project to discuss increased stormwater flow. Mr. Singler stated that a municipal order would be ready for the next commission meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Mike Rhodes
Mr. Rhodes reported that he would be depositing funds into Treasury bills to take advantage of the high rates. Commission Jackson stated that with the fluctuation of interest rates, he would suggest purchasing the Treasury bills soon. Mr. Rhodes reported that he would be purchasing 3- and 6-month bills to properly manage the city’s cash flow, and the Commission approved.

The Commission reviewed the calendar of events provided at the prior meeting. Commissioners made suggestions regarding the city-sponsored events and the dates they are to be held. CAO Johnson stated that he would have Administrative Assistant Nicol Young update the calendar and distribute a final copy for review.

Following distribution of a draft personnel policy at the prior meeting, a discussion occurred around the holidays provided by the city to full-time employees. A suggested list of holidays was given by the Commission, and CAO Johnson stated he would include the list in the current draft of the personnel policy. Mayor Masick asked Commissioners to send any other suggested changes to the personnel policy to CAO Johnson via email, and the final draft would be reviewed at a future meeting.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – Personnel per KRS 61.810(1)(f)
At 5:41 p.m., Commissioner Jackson made a motion to enter executive session, with the motion being seconded by Commissioner Norton. Motion carried unanimously.

At 5:47 p.m., Commissioner Jackson made a motion to exit the executive session, with the motion being seconded by Mayor Masick. Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Jackson made a motion for approval of M.O. 23-16. Mayor Masick seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Jackson made a motion for approval of M.O. 23-17. Mayor Masick seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

At 5:49 p.m. Commissioner Jackson made the motion to adjourn. His motion was seconded by Commissioner Norton. Motion carried unanimously.

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Mayor Pro Tem, Ben Jackson                              Tyler Johnson, City Clerk