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SIGN UP FOR REACH ALERT:             Or Call (877)3077-9313


Walkers be safe and walk against traffic, Bikers with traffic! 




Public Safety Tips
1. Always keep your garage door closed, even if you are at home, inside or working in your yard.

2. Never let a stranger into your house. When talking with someone at the door, keep your door locked. On many occasions door-to-door solicitors attempt to to sell their wares. Always check to make sure they have a City of Hurstbourne solicitor permit. Take care to check out a company before contracting to do work with a stranger, especially if they come to your door unsolicited. After they leave

3. Make sure all doors to your house are locked even if you are at home.

4. If someone comes up to you while you are in your yard and asks directions or purports to be looking for a lost dog, be aware and make sure they are not just distracting you so that a partner working with them can enter your home.

5. If you notice a vehicle that looks suspicious, write down the license number and the make and color of the car. Call Louisville Metro Police and Call City Hall at 426-4808.

6. Going out-of-town? - Make arrangements with a relative or neighbor to pick up your papers and mail or have the newspaper stopped and your mail held at the post office. Let close neighbors know when you are going to be away. So, if they see anything suspicious, they can call the police.

7. When having work done in your home, rug cleaning, painting, furnace repairs, etc., check all your windows when the service people leave your home and make sure a window has not been lift unlocked so a thief can enter your home later. Also, keep valuables and money out of sight when strangers are working in your home. If possible, have more than one person at home when work is being done.

8. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed around your house so they cannot hide an intruder or someone doing vandalism to your property.

9. Get to know your neighbors. If you know of someone in your neighborhood who lives alone, and you do not see them in any activity at their house, or something just does not look right, call and check on them to make sure they are all right.